Eating healthy is a important for your personal feeling and well being.

However, there are some steps, you should be careful and really examine, what you are doing.

primal blueprint food list for beginners

hence, I give you the primal blueprint food list on

In this, I show you some advice, how to eat properly.

It is not as difficult as you might think.

Just go to your fridge and your storage area and examine it closely for those troublemakers:

is there any product in it that contains soy or is made entirely out of soy?

chris kresser was one of the most well known researchers of the dangers considered with soy.

it damages your internal system, your immune functions, impairs your nervous and just plainly damages all of your health.

do you have any wheat or flour from grains in your storage?

ditch them. gluten is a toxic substance, that NO human can absorb or digest. allthough there are some genes, that make it easier for southern peaple to eat wheat, for all humans, this product just damages your gut flora.

so stay away.

are there sugarly substances like pepsi or coca cola? get them out. the artificial sweeteners in them will cause havoc in sour system! an will cause insulin spikes!